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Professional Services

Work Stage A

Inception Develop the brief in consultation with the client (yourself) • Report upon the feasibility of the project taking into consideration any budgetary and other constraints imposed • Give best advice on how to proceed • Visit the site and give initial appraisal • Advise on the need for other consultants or professionals required and to explain the scope of their services • Advise on the need for any specialist work.


Work Stage B

Feasibility Carry out a full measured survey and digitise onto computer • Carry out any studies which may be needed to establish feasibility • Review alternative design and construction approaches and cost implications • Advise on statutory approvals needed, including health & safety and CDM Regulations.


Work Stage C

Scheme Design Develop a scheme design following discussions • Liaise with any other consultants and advise where their work affects programme & budget • Make a cost estimate • Enable agreements over spatial arrangement, materials and appearance • Prepare and submit a Planning Application (if applicable) • For the first amendment to the plans following submission to the Client for approval. Note: No guarantees are given that Planning can be obtained.


Work Stage D

Detail Design Finalise detail design including co-ordination with other consultants and suppliers and integration of materials & sub-contracted work. • Cost checks where appropriate • Advise where appropriate on the CDM Regulations • Prepare and submit Building Regulations Application and any other statutory requirements • Negotiate as necessary on the latter • For the second amendment to the plans following submission to the Client for approval. Other information as may be required by Building Control is charged separately.


Work Stage E

Prepare production information & bills of quantities Drawings, schedules & specification information to the Quantity Surveyor (if used or required) for bills of quantities. Complete information to enable contractors to tender. (Optional)


Work Stage F

Tender Action & Project Planning: Advise on a list of tenderers • Issue tender documents to agreed list of contractors • Receive tenders (with client presence if required), advise on results and contractor appointment • OR, Arrange a price to be negotiated with one contractor. • Prepare the building contract and arrange signatures. (Optional)


Work Stage G

Operations on site: Administer the terms of the building contract during work on site • Visit the site at intervals to inspect the progress and quality of the work • Make periodic financial reports to the client including any cost variations. (Optional)


For simplicity, there is one scale of fees for work to existing buildings and new work.


A 50% deposit is required with all jobs.

Woods Design Terms and Conditions

Download - pdf format

There are three usual methods of invoicing for fees:



1. For small house extensions a fixed Fee is agreed prior to work starting - The minimum level of Fee is £900.00 for the Design and Planning Application and £500 for the Building Control Application.



2. For larger jobs, the total fee shall be split on an equitable basis as follows:


£25.60 per sq. m. for Work Stages A – C  Planning

£12.80 per sq. m. for Work Stage D Building Control

£6.40 per sq. m. for Work Stage E Prepare specification

£9.60 per sq. m. for Work Stage F Tendering

£9.60 per sq. m. for Work Stage G Supervision



3. For conversions to existing properties an hourly fee of £60 per hour is applicable. For most projects it is more sensible to invoice when each stage is reached, as the work will not progress smoothly or predictably, unless it is a very large job taking up our whole time where fees will inevitably need to be charged on a monthly basis.



Note: There are inevitable pauses, eg while awaiting Statutory Approvals or between tender acceptance and start on site.


How Long Will It Take

Production of First Draft plans from date of instructions 1 - 2 weeks


Client approval and First Amendment of plans (if required) 1 week approx


Planning Approval by Local Authority 8 weeks


Second Amendment (if required) and Building Control Application 1 - 2 weeks


Note: By depositing a ‘Full Plans’ Building Regulations application, it may be possible, at your own risk, for you to start the works. However you must notify the LA Building Control Department with 2 clear day’s notice, prior to commencing work on site. This procedure does not apply to Planning.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to provide an honest and professional service at all times.

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