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For simplicity, there is one scale of fees for work to existing buildings and new work. 

A 50% deposit is required with all jobs.

Woods Design Terms and Conditions Download - pdf format

There are three usual methods of invoicing for fees:

1    For small house extensions a fixed Fee is agreed prior to work starting - The minimum level of Fee is £900.00 for the Design and Planning Application and £500 for the Building Control Application.

2    For larger jobs, the total fee shall be split on an equitable basis as follows:

•    £25.60 per sq. m. for Work Stages A – C  Planning
•    £12.80 per sq. m. for Work Stage D Building Control
•    £6.40 per sq. m. for Work Stage E Prepare specification
•    £9.60 per sq. m. for Work Stage F Tendering
•    £9.60 per sq. m. for Work Stage G Supervision

3    For conversions to existing properties an hourly fee of £60 per hour is applicable. For most projects it is more sensible to invoice when each stage is reached, as the work will not progress smoothly or predictably, unless it is a very large job taking up our whole time where fees will inevitably need to be charged on a monthly basis.    

Note:    There are inevitable pauses, eg while awaiting Statutory Approvals or between tender acceptance and start on site.